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Dr. R. Chandra Babu

Hon'ble VC, KAU


Dr. Vyas Pandey

President, AAM
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Agriculture plays a vital role in the Indian economy. Agriculture is one of the primary sources of livelihood and leads to income generation for around 263 million or 22 per cent of the population. Moreover, agriculture is responsible for the secondary livelihood source of around 70 percent of the population. To secure future of agriculture and to improve livelihood of half of India’s population, adequate attention needs to be given to improve the welfare of farmers and to raise agricultural income.

Agrometeorology by definition investigates adaptation strategies to weather and climate in raising crops, trees, livestock and fish. It studies water, heat, air and related biomass development in the agricultural production environment, including disasters, and their socio-economic consequences for farmers as decision makers. This leads to agrometeorological services for response farming with irrigation scheduling, early warnings, microclimate manipulation and the application of weather forecasts in a changing and increasingly variable climate.

Enhancing resilience of agriculture to climate risk is of paramount importance for protecting livelihoods of farmers. It is predicted that for every two-degree rise in temperature, the agriculture GDP of India will reduce by five percent. In this context the worst hit will be small-land holders and producers, as their ability to cope with the speed and intensity of climate events, is an issue of concern. The need for a climate resilient approach to agriculture is critical for India with 60 percent of Indian agriculture being rain fed and more than 80 percent farmers are small-land holders. In the context of climate change and variability, farmers need to adapt quickly to enhance their resilience to increasing threats such as droughts, floods and other extreme climatic event in order to sustain crop yields and farm income

In this context, the Association of Agrometeorologists (AAM), Anand in collaboration with Kerala Agricultural University (KAU), Thrissur is organising a National Seminar on ‘Agrometeorological interventions for enhancing farmers’ income (AGMET-2020)' during January 20-22, 2020 at College of Horticulture, KAU, Vellanikkara, Thrissur, Kerala.

Industry presentation and exhibition

Special sessions are being organized to provide a platform for industry/ entrepreneurs to showcase their activities/ initiatives/ products.

A presentation slot of 15-20 minute duration will be available for interested industry/ entrepreneurs. Provision is also being made for vendors/ industries to exhibit their products and services as well. For detailed information contact: Dr. B. Ajithkumar, Organizing Secretary, ‘AGMET–2020’, contact details: +91 9847749670 (M), Email:



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Acceptance Communication


Nov 20, 2019

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